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Flotilla 01-07

Indianapolis, Indiana

District 8 Eastern Region



Flotilla Commander (FC)
Flotilla Vice Commander (VFC)
Immediate Past Commander (IPFC)

Communications (FSO-CM)

Communication Services (FSO-CS)

Diversity (FSO-DV)
Finance (FSO-FN)
Flotilla Newsletter & Calendar
Human Resources (FSO-HR)
Bobbi Nunweiler

Information Systems (FSO-IS)

Materials (FSO-MA)
 Steve James
How to
Marine Safety (FSO-MS)
David L. Miller

Join the Coast Guard




Member Training (FSO-MT)

Operations (FSO-OP)

Public Affairs (FSO-PA)  

Publications (FSO-PB)

Public Education (FSO-PE)

Marine Dealer Visitor (FSO-PV)

Secretary/Records (FSO-SR)

Vessel Examiner (FSO-VE)

Vern Smith

Walt Guntharp

Skip Nunweiler

 Bobbi Nunweiler

Bill Conway

Rick McFall

Doug Jave

John Hulen


Date last updated: 31 October 2014