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Recreational Boating Safety Visitor Program

Purpose - The purpose of the Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program (RBSVP) is to promote safe boating for the recreational boating public through the aid of local businesses, offices and marine dealerships.  This will include the continuing education of the general public and office, business and dealership managers and distribution of safety/boating-related literature.  These locations are known as Program Partners.  Great strides toward an ultimate goal of safe and enjoyable recreational boating can be made by making safety and related boating information available wherever the general public shops, passes by or waits.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary members participating in this program are known as Program Visitors.

Program Partner - Any community business or facility where the general public visits or waits that will allow the Program Visitor to place a literature display rack.  Examples could include: marine dealers, plumbing shops, hardware stores, vessel rental agencies, vessel repair agencies, marinas, canvas or sail makers, hospital emergency or other waiting rooms, doctor's offices, insurance agency lobbies, libraries, county boat/car license agencies, dentist's offices, bait and tackle vendors, dive and/or snorkel shops.  Any chain store with sport/boat equipment departments should be included.  These participating businesses or facilities are known as Program Partners.

Program Visitor - Any member who has taken and passed an examination and has made the required supervised visits with a currently certified member, can be certified as a Program Visitor.  The Program Visitor is an ambassador of the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary.  The Program Visitor will gain an extensive knowledge of the Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety program, federal, state and local regulations, all available boating safety educational programs and literature, plus the programs available through their parent organization.

Program Partner Benefits

There are significant benefits for the participating Partners.  These benefits can be both tangible and intangible.  A very powerful selling point for Partners in the commercial industry is that knowledge and the right equipment lead to safer boating.  If these Partners can impress upon boaters and potential boaters that safety equipment and knowledge of how to use it is available, it could produce a significant economic advantage for them.  The ability to advertise educational opportunities and information is also a major public relations advantage for those community Partners not in the marine industry.  Some of the benefits to the Partner are that this program can:

- Establish a "public/boating safety center" image with the general public.  The safety information that the Partner receives as well as their cooperation with the Coast Guard, Auxiliary and other programs, can impress the general public by indicating that this is a community minded Partner interested in providing the public with the best boating safety information.

- Keep the Partners up-to-date on the latest information and programs of interest.  Each facility will be visited regularly so there can be follow-up action with the Program Visitors.

- Provide a point of contact with the Coast Guard through which the facility can obtain answers to technical questions or other issues such as: documentation, recall status, reference sources, etc.  The Program Visitor should be ready with referral information, including the name and phone numbers of contact persons.

- Conduct Partner employee training such as: showing the Partner's service department staff how to correctly apply registration numbers; providing sales staff with training on safety equipment; or advising rental vendors on required safety equipment.

- Provide updated material to NOAA, for Small Craft Marina Facility Charts.

General Public Benefits

In cooperation with the Partners, the Coast Guard and state agencies, the RBSVP will benefit the recreational boating public by:

- Providing a public boating safety education service on the part of the Partners.

- Making the boater aware of federal, state and local safety requirements and where to seek further information and/or other educational opportunities.

- Advising boaters of the Coast Guard and Auxiliary boating safety missions and services.

- Providing the public with a better understanding of the responsibilities of a boater or boating passenger.

- Providing the public with information on Waterway Watch and Maritime Domain Awareness Programs.

Program Benefits

- Educating the boating public can help save lives and property.

- Partners will provide a convenient distribution point for boating safety materials as well as a means of notifying the boating public of Coast Guard, Auxiliary and other boating safety programs.

- The Partner's facilities may be available for use as a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) station or public boating safety education program site.

- Partners as well as their customers/consumers can become aware of Coast Guard, Auxiliary, and other boating and environmental safety.

Date last updated: 31 October 2014

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